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Contemporary design is a fluid and evolving style that reflects the popular trends of the current moment. It's a broad term that encompasses a variety of aesthetics, often blending elements from other styles like modern, traditional, and industrial. Contemporary design is characterized by clean lines, subtle sophistication, texture, and a focus on comfort and sustainability. It often features a neutral color palette, but it's not uncommon to see bold color used strategically and tastefully.

As of late, we are seeing strong influences from Post Modern design within the realm of contemporary aesthetics. However, these influences are being interpreted in a much more sophisticated manner. The playful forms and bold colors of postmodern design are being infused with a more refined, neutral palette and luxurious materials. The shapes are often soft, curvy, and inviting, juxtaposed with sleek, shiny materials for a touch of glamour. This trend is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of contemporary design, always adapting and incorporating current trends while maintaining a focus on comfort and livability.

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