Meet Shanna Middleton – Founder & CEO

Meet Shanna Middleton, the Founder and CEO of ICID (International Community of Interior Designers). With over 20 years of experience in the field of interior design, Shanna graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Interior Design. She is also a major dog lover, with a particular fondness for poodles, but loves all dogs. Shanna is married and has two stepchildren who are now adults. Along with her husband, they own and operate “Middleton Getaways,” a successful short-term rental business, managing their own properties, which includes their personal home. This lifestyle has turned them into “Modern Nomads”, allowing them to enjoy staying at their properties when they are not booked. When all the properties are fully booked, they hit the road in their RV for a trip.

Shanna’s passion for the interior design industry goes beyond her own business, as she is dedicated to bringing the industry together and making it more accessible and inclusive for all levels of designers, from new to experienced, and everywhere in between. She founded ICID with the goal of creating a friendly and inclusive community for interior designers, where they can share ideas, collaborate, and support one another. Shanna’s extensive experience in the industry and her dedication to fostering a sense of community among interior designers make her an invaluable asset to ICID.