My Carolina Segment Pitch





My Carolina Segment Pitch

Exclusive Opportunity: Submit Your Pitch for the My Carolina Show’s Quarterly re-SET Segment

As an ICID World member, you have a unique chance to showcase your talent  on the My Carolina Show. If your pitch is accepted, you’ll be invited to appear on the show to present your segment.

How to Submit Your Pitch:  Each Segment is 5 Minutes

  1. Idea: Clearly outline your segment idea. Make it engaging and relevant to the show’s audience.
  2. Details: Include who will be involved, what the segment will cover, and any props or materials you’ll need.
  3. Availability: Specify when you’re available to film the segment.
  4. Additional Info: Include any other relevant information that would make your pitch stand out.
  5. Media: Attach any images, videos, or documents that support your pitch.